Dressed to Kill Comedy: Holiday Edition

2100 Arden Way, Suite 225, Sacramento, CA 95825
: (916) 215-2704
Looking for an excuse to dress up? Come join The Callback Bar, behind Sacramento's Punch Line Comedy Club for an evening of fashion and funny. Dressed to Kill is a show that combines humor and style. Hosted by Amy Thompson, seven comics come dressed to kill it on stage and subject their best threads and jokes to your opinion. Audience will vote separately on which comic has the best style and which has the best set of jokes. Each winning comic will get a $50 gift card. It will be the holiday season, so feel free to dress festive (ugly sweaters, elf costumes, etc.), in your finest formal wear, or just something warm, comfy, and casual. Dress to the 9s and be the judge while comics try to prove to you that they are funny and fashionable, when they bring their best while dressed to kill. *Amy Thompson is a Sacramento based comedian. She started comedy in March of 2022. She's got a whimsically dark style of humor. She can be found open mic-ing or giving her best at showcases near every single day of the week. Amy used to have no life, and was just a bored and lonely bitch. But now she does comedy. Amy's jokes are hella dope.