Drawing into the Print with Drypoint with Katherine Venterelli

625 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811
: (916) 586-8492
Learn the basics of this simple non-toxic printmaking technique developed in the 15th century. PRICE: General $200 / Member $180 It is the most direct of all intaglio techniques and only requires scratching your image into a metal or plastic plate with a sharp needle. Drypoint technique is valued for its fresh and expressive lines which create a deep richness to an image. In a hands-on experience, workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of plate-making, use of simple drypoint tools, inking using nontoxic inks, press printing techniques, and exploring the possibilities of adding monoprint and chine collé/collaging to the image. In the second session, you spend the day experimenting with printing. No previous printmaking experience required.