Craft-N-Create Crafting Club

3747 W. Pacific Ave, Ste F, Sacramento, CA 95820
<p data-pm-slice="1 1 []">Calling all crafters!</p> Join Track 7 Brewing Company for Craft-n-Create Crafting Group every 3rd Sunday of the month beginning Sunday, July 16! We are all so busy with life that we forget to set time aside for the simple things we love to do. Craft-N-Create is your opportunity to escape the chaos of day-to-day life and finally complete all of the crafting projects you haven’t had time to finish! Just like old-time sewing circles, we invite you to join us for a relaxing afternoon spent with fellow crafters The type of crafts are only limited to the type you can do while sitting at a table and are B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Craft)!