Community Indigo Dip Dye Day and Art Elephant Sale

3330 McKinley Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95814
There is probably a 50% chance that you are wearing clothing that has been dyed with indigo. It’s the color that unites the world. Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts (SCTA) wants to use indigo dyeing to bring the local community together. SCTA will host their second Community Indigo Dip Dye Day. Participants in the Indigo Dip Dye will have an opportunity to dye either a bandana or a piece of cotton that could be worn or used to sew another item.  Participants should expect to be at the event for about one hour and should wear old clothes and shoes or bring an apron or smock to protect their clothes. All materials are included with registration fee. Community Indigo Dip Dye Day will run in conjunction with SCTA’s annual Art Elephant Sale of art and craft materials. The Art Elephant Sale is a free popular swap-meet style event, perfect for finding something to add a special touch to a project or getting inspiration to try something new. More information: