Closer: A Group Exhibit Presented by Art Tonic

1719 25th St., Sacramento, CA 95816
: (530) 665-9076
Closer is a group exhibition which features Sacramento-based artists who utilize small, often overlooked materials, including ash, hair, cell phone camera lenses, polaroids, and thread, through small-scale paintings, prints, photos, sculptures, and textiles. Many past exhibits of "small art" have featured artists who make miniatures, such as models, miniature paintings, or dollhouses. Closer is different from these previous exhibits in that, rather than focusing on miniaturization, these artists focus on creating artwork using intrinsically small materials. Yet despite their small size, these artworks convey complex themes and narratives such as the ubiquity of technology, the nuances of memory, and the blending of cultures. In our hectic lives, we often fail to appreciate or even notice many of the small items and moments we encounter and experience daily. All of the artworks in Closer encourage viewers to focus on these often overlooked items. To further encourage viewers to spend quality time with the artworks included in this exhibit, each artist's display includes a blank notebook for visitors to write small poems or other pieces of writing inspired by the art on view. Featured Artists: -Chaitra Bangalore -Kate Farrall -Erin Kaczkowski -Sunroop Kaur -Muzi Li Rowe -Summer Ventis