Clay Creations Inspired by "The Portland Vase: Mania and Muse"

216 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 808-7000

Experience the Crocker's world-renowned collection and diverse exhibitions through discussion and artmaking, and let great art of the past and present inspire your own creative expression. Most classes include at least one gallery visit to view the permanent collection or a special exhibition. The Museum's highly trained staff and instructors are committed to providing students of all experience levels with a supportive and engaging experience. Advance registration required.

Observe the elegant use of negative and positive space in several Portland Vase-inspired works on view and sculpt your own version using air-sculpt clay. Practice the coil hand-building technique and learn how to successfully join clay forms in this comprehensive class. Supplies are included in the class fee.

Instructor: Sonya Schumacher

Advance registration required.