Celebration Arts presents Romeo and Mother Juliet

Sacramento, CA 95816
: (916) 455-2787
Celebration Arts presents "Romeo and Mother Juliet" ,an “intensely passionate” work of “poetry, bliss and unabashed heartbreak” set deep in the Louisiana bayou, an old bootlegger and a retired show girl finding love at first sight and the most unusual place...Mardi Gras party during prohibition sometime in the future. In this tragic tale of love, these beautiful elders, Romeo and Mother Juliet must fight their family’s generational feud. Mother Juliet’s daughter insistence to commit her in Dr. Paris’s senior care “clinic” drivers Mother Juliet to desperation. The goddess Erzuli and The Keeper of the Dead, Baron Samedi, both of Louisiana Hoodoo religion, vie for the souls of these two lovers as they play tug-of-war with the fates. Their love was strong enough to bring them together…but is there resolve deep enough to keep them from being pulled apart?