Celebration and Healing

2801 Meadowview Rd, Sacramento, CA 95823
: (470) 641-2059
The Celebration and Healing inspirational youth concert movement put on for the last five years is dedicated for the families that lost their youth or loved ones from community violence, trauma and suicide. Great performances by some of the most talented youth in the city as well as young adult Inspirational artists throughout the country. On February 22nd, 2015, James Jackson Jr., a young man of many talents, a producer, and artist was killed in a random drive-by-shooting. His murder inspired his father national gospel artist James Jackson Sr., to relocate back to Sacramento to start the I Sound Music Performing Arts Community Development Inc to keep the youth active in positive energy and enhance the skills of the youth in the community. We are committed to empowering our youth to extraordinary in the arts, music, life skills, gang and drug prevention.