Cabaret Macabre

3522 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95820
: (916) 995-0226
Enjoy an evening of black lace and nightmares as the wandering spirits of the Scream Queens Gorelesque Productions escape the cemetery to haunt the stage of the Historic Colonial Theatre with their production of The Cabaret Macabre! Your performers this evening: -Dani Demize -Siracha -Simone Thrillz -Lady Grimm -Odin -The Displayed Labors Sideshow -Cybil Unrest -Sir Vix -Redd FaFilth -Sakura Rachét -Dabby Longlegs -Ray Moulin -Nicki Fable -Jean Heart -Gypse Day -Euphoria Sparks -The Fire Ninja -Rob Roberts