Blues and Bourbon Wednesdays: Todd Morgan and The Emblems

2708 J St., Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 441-4693
"As infectious as its music is the band's energetic live performances." Elizabeth Marxum, Sacramento Magazine Todd Morgan and the Emblems are, in a way, what the vast majority of popular bands once were - an act that performs both original material as well as a large amount of other artists' work. With an emphasis on exciting, up tempo, danceable numbers from the first decade and a half of Rock 'n' Roll, ranging from extremely well known favorites like "Hound Dog", "Johnny B. Goode", "A Hard Day's Night" or "Satisfaction", to slightly more obscure, but still highly influential numbers. Whether seated in front of the bandstand, or out on the dance floor, there's always something in a Todd Morgan and the Emblems show for everyone who digs good music with a beat. With multiple albums under his belt, Todd Morgan, the band's leader, vocalist, guitarist and award winning songwriter, is what many have described as "a natural born showman", with an exciting stage persona and performance style, that's engaging but never gets in the way of the music itself. His strongest influences, either as a vocalist, a guitarist, a writer, a performer or all the above, include Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, James Brown, T-Bone Walker, Cab Calloway, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Louis Armstrong, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Sam Cooke, Chet Atkins, Little Richard, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Gene Krupa, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, B.B. King, The Golden Gate Jubilee Gospel Quartet, and many others, too numerous to mention. Chris Bell, the band's bassist and sometime backup vocalist, has a strong background in soul and funk music, and brings to the table, a very energetic stage persona himself, along with a tasteful, authentic approach to his instrument's role in the music. His influences include James Jamerson, Willie Dixon, Duck Dunn, Paul McCartney and Larry Graham. Drummer Andrew Philip is about as pure and discerning as it gets when it comes to his approach to his instrument. Catch him at the back of the bandstand with his signature shades, a solid backbeat, swimming fills, and on occasion, a killer solo. His Influences include Joe Morello, Chick Webb, Buddy Rich, Hal Blaine and Earl Palmer. If you're looking for a an authentic rock 'n' roll experience, a band you'll not only be able to dance to, but almost have to, or just a great time out, Todd Morgan and the Emblems fit that bill.