Basic Improv: Spring 2024 Class Session

2791 24th St., Sacramento, CA 95818
Join us for a spring full of laughter, spontaneity, and endless fun. Whether you’re new to improv or looking to sharpen your skills, our short-form focused classes are perfect for you. Discover the art of quick thinking and on-the-spot creativity in a supportive and friendly environment. During this class, students will learn to: Revisit and embrace the powers of playfulness and joy in a supportive environment Work collaboratively with scene partners to establish, contribute to, and sustain a shared reality through the power of “yes, and…” Frame “failures” or “mistakes” as opportunities rather than avoiding them Proactively and compassionately support their partners through listening, humility, and compassion Understand basic story structure and use it as a framework for building improv scenes Think outside the box, stretch creative thinking “muscles,” and practice thinking quickly on your feet Collaboratively justify any idea within the reality of an established scene Commit to ideas with your scene partner(s), even if it seems silly Convey emotions during a scene and explore spontaneous emotional reactions Construct basic scenes with others, including adding specific details to scenes Prepare for our next class level: Intermediate Improv Prepare for our class showcase Have fun and be gentle with yourself and others! Parking and Accessibility: Sierra 2 has two free parking lots and various on-street parking options. Check out the map > Our venue is upstairs on floor 2. The building is wheelchair accessible (including the bathrooms and access to the second floor). Please let us know if you require any special accommodations ahead of time and we’ll be happy to help. COVID Safety Requirements: All students must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination (either vaccination card or digital record) on the first day of class at the door or via email. About the Instructor Jessilee Windhaus is a proud Sacramento local and a firm believer in the power of applied improvisation. With a background in both short form and long form comedy, she is a 20-year improv veteran who has trained with Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Groundlings and performed in cities all across the country.