"Augmented" - the Artwork of Jay Stargaard

1021 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
: (530) 613-6284

Jay Stargaard is an international artist with sculptures in private collections in nine countries around the world.  She resides in Colfax, CA, and has been metal sculpting for 20 years. The mixed media collages are a new addition to her artistic expression. This marks the first time the collection has been showcased in its entirety. Jay's art documents of defining points along her journey of self-realization.

“Augmented” means having been made greater in size and/or value. Each mixed media collage is an interpretation of the seven chakras which are the energy centers of the body. The “Augmented Reality” experience is embedded within each of the seven collages. This embedded content has been created in collaboration between the artist (Jay Stargarrd) and her good friend (Dan Evolve). The embedded art experience may be accessed through the viewer’s personal cell phone, deepening their connection with the art. This also offers a glimpse into the artist's creation process. Stargaard sculptures included in this show are circular portals which act as gateways to facilitate exploration. The sculptural forms are meticulously crafted, each one unique and fashioned from stainless steel, bronze, and copper. Drawing inspiration from elemental nature, this art emerges from the core of the earth, shaped by air, molded by flame, and tempered by water.

In addition to the exhibit, the ARTHOUSE on R’s resident artists will open their studios for Second Saturday June 8, 2024 in the historical R. Street Corridor.