Atrium Fall Eco Art Market-Upcycle Pop

1020 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Art Market with Sacramento local creatives who are all about creativity and sustainability and art activities like painting. Saturday morning Fall Eco-Art Market is an outdoor maker market for eco-friendly products, jewelry, furniture, and creatively upcycled items located in the historic district of the Old Sacramento Waterfronton Front Street. Live artists making on the spot. The Atrium storefront- Sacramento.Shop is a gallery for Sacramento-made products and an art cafe, where art not food is served with kindness and a side of kombucha. Enjoy the outdoor garden tables and get served a canvas, tools, and acrylic paints on a golden platter, with water and paint refreshers - Gourmet Paint & Booch service, with non-alcoholic kombucha served with wine glasses. During the Saturday market, meet and watch the artists work, with family-friendly / kid-friendly things to do- Paint a canvas, or a magnet, make chalk art, drop in for a hip hop class if a class is happening, take a picture with art installation wings by Yennie Zhou, play our Recycle Challenge art game, catch all of our above head phrases, and enjoy locally brewed kombucha while painting or making your own Harry Potter wand. For Halloween, we have some special upcycling arts and crafts projects that will help add to your Halloween costume or your yard decoration. Make your own very cool Harry Potter Wand or Paint a cool Halloween yard sign. If you're not up on the green lingo and are asking what is upcycling? The best way to think of upcycling is that it's like a sexier, even greener version of recycling. Upcycling adds value by transforming or reinventing an otherwise-disposable item into something of higher quality. It's the ultimate in reuse-and we believe a whole new industry sector is shaping up around it. Old Jeans are turned into reusable shopping bags, pallets turned into urban chic furniture, and plastic bottles into Geodesic Sphere Chandeliers. Fun eco-friendly event for those seeking a sustainable future.