Alone TV Series Woniya Thibeault Book Signing

1945 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
The History Channel's <em>ALONE</em> TV survivor series, Woniya Thibeault, who wrote a memoir entitled <em>NEVER ALONE: A Solo Arctic Survival Journey,</em> is doing a book signing event in Sacramento. During the event, Woniya will share her experience participating on the show, inspiration for her book, ancestral land-based living. In her debut memoir <em>Never Alone: A Solo Arctic Survival Journey</em> (Timeless Ways, June 13, 2023, ISBN: 978-1-960303-00-4; Hardcover), Woniya shares how months of starving by herself in the Arctic wilderness brought more healing than suffering, and led to a deep sense of belonging and peace. Her story affirms the incredible strength of the human spirit and shows us that strength comes in many surprising forms. <em>Never Alone</em>'s message is one of inspiration and learning to trust in ourselves and the land around us—embracing the wild and being wholly and beautifully human, flaws and all. Also, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the native people on whose homeland the adventure took place.