Abstract Painting

625 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a beautiful abstract painting? Caiti Chan will teach you how to do just that! This class will introduce you to the concepts and thoughtful methods behind abstract painting. She will cover everything from experimenting with paint and materials, color theory and how to choose color intentionally, as well as journaling to brainstorm your ideas. This class is designed to be a comfortable and approachable way to take a new leap in your art practice. By the end, you will leave with a large canvas of your own wonderful design! About the Instructor Caiti Chan is a Sacramento, born and raised artist. She received her BA and MA at Sacramento State University and is a current art resident at Verge Center for the Arts. She has experience teaching many art forms, her specialty being painting and drawing. From teaching art to children, to assisting professors during her college career, she is experienced with a wide audience interested in the arts. Her paintings are process driven and involve experimentation with paint and other materials to create large atmospheric abstractions. Website: Instagram: