From now through June 25, 2014, Highway 50 around Sacramento will be undergoing necessary repairs, resulting in traffic backups into or out of the city on certain roads.  

The work is being done in phases, so only one direction of travel will be affected at any one time. While the work is ongoing, at least two or three lanes will remain open.

Despite the open lanes, traffic delays can be expected, with potentially long backups during rush hour.

For a comprehensive look at the closures and project timelines, visit the official Fix 50 website.

Meeting attendees arriving by plane in Sacramento should not experience delays. Traffic around the Sacramento Convention Center has remained normal during the first week of construction, and access to Downtown Sacramento hotels remains normal.

Other hotel and meeting areas in the city can still be reached by normal routes from the airport, which do not involve Highway 50.

Delegates driving to meetings should avoid Highway 50 during construction. If your meeting has delegates arriving by car or bus, contact the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau's Convention Services Department for alternate route planning and other transportation assistance.

For group tour information and events-specific traffic information, visit the traffic information page on our website.