Did You Know?

  • ... the average-sized hotel purchases more products in one week than 100 California families do in a year?
  • ... the hospitality industry spends $3.7 billion dollars a year on energy? Electricity use accounts for 60 to 70% of the utility costs of a typical hotel.
  • ... that 2% of California’s food waste comes from the hotel and lodging industry? That’s 112,000 tons per year! This food waste can be composted or donated to charities.
  • ... that hotel waste can be as high as 30 pounds per room per day? As much as 80% of these materials can be recycled.
  • ... the typical hotel uses 218 gallons of water per day per occupied room? Water-efficient fixtures can reduce water and sewer bills by 30%.

Green Lodging Program

In 2004 California Integrated Waste Management Board created the Green Lodging Program to bring together the lodging industry and state travelers, to protect the environment by diverting waste from landfills, conserving energy and water, and providing cleaner air to breathe. The Department of General Services (DGS) assumed the operation in September 2008.

The program is solely for hotels and was developed to help the hospitality industry minimize its waste and conserve energy and natural resources. The program provides the industry with practical suggestions for sustainability practices that could improve the hotels' bottom line. The California Green Lodging Program is also a way for travelers, including those on state business, to select properties that have been certified as an environmentally preferable lodging option. These travelers can have confidence in their green choice, as certified properties have been verified by program staff.

Click here to learn how a hotel receives a Green Lodging Program certification.

Sacramento Green Hotels

Seventeen Sacramento area hotels currently participate in the Green Lodging Program. The hotels along with the Sacramento Convention Center have taken proactive steps to help make your meetings and conventions a little more green. Feel good about selecting a destination that provides cosmopolitan amenities in a sustainable way. Discover Gold and Green in Sacramento.

To view the Sacramento hotel Green Lodging Program participants, click here. 

Information provided by Department of General Services.