As most merchants in Old Sacramento have come to understand, tourism is a large portion of their annual business and Jason Minow, owner of The Sacramento Sweets Co., is no different. The Sacramento Sweets Co. has been famil- owned and operated since its inception and has been in the same location in Old Sacramento since 1983.



“The job is fun because of the transient nature,” Minow said. “There is never a dull moment because you are constantly dealing with different people and no day is the same.”


Minow also appreciates the historical significance of Old Sacramento. Dating back to the days of the Transcontinental Railroad, the Pony Express and the telegraph, Old Sacramento was the original hot-spot of the Sacramento region.


“The way we live today is because of what happened in history. You can’t change it,” Minow said. “And now, business owners have fallen in love with the idea that they are creating history in the same way.”


The history that business owners are helping preserve as well as create is due to tourism in Old Sacramento. Approximately 15.3 million visitors come to Sacramento annually, and Old Sacramento is a primary destination. Also, over the last two years, travel and tourism have created and sustained 25,220 jobs in Sacramento.


No one understands this better than Minow and his family when it comes to operating The Sacramento Sweets Co.


“I live and die by tourism,” Minow said. “And, if you don’t come to Old Sacramento on a regular basis you are a local tourist.”


Although locals do contribute to The Sacramento Sweets Co., it is evident that without tourists of all types in Old Sacramento, Minow and his family would not be where they are today.


For a sweet and unique experience, visit The Sacramento Sweets Co. located at 1035 Front St. in Old Sacramento.