The Sacramento region attracts 15 million visitors per year. Thousands of them call, email or stop by the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau main office and our Visitor Center in Old Sacramento to help with their trip planning. Most questions are simple and routine: help me find a hotel room, where can I eat dinner near the Convention Center, how can I meet Arnold and so on. 


We've compiled the best - or worst - of the ones we answered everyday, the ones that made us smile, and the ones that left us shaking our heads in 2010 to share with you. 

10. Are you a real person? (From a caller to main office)

9.  A French-speaking guest called the Visitor Center in a panic because his young son left his toy rabbit somewhere in Old Sac. The Visitor Center staff went on a search and rescue mission and found lost bunny in the Old Schoolhouse. They promptly returned it to the family who was staying at the Embassy Suites, along with a brand new Teddy Bear.

8. My son is in a motel room in your city; can you tell me where he is so I can come and get him?

7. When do the tours arrive in Sacramento? (Very popular question, as people are always interested in taking a guided tour of the city)

6. Can you help me find a mortuary?

5. Where are the boats in Old Sacramento? (Does the Delta King and Hornblower count)

4. Where are the bathrooms in Old Sacramento? (New bathrooms have been built along Front Street)

3. What’s the name of the hotel with a restaurant built around a tree?

2. Where can I buy suspenders with a map of California printed on them?

1. What’s the Capital of Sacramento?


Travel is good. Visit someplace new in 2011. 

Happy New Year!