Work-Life Imbalance, Frustration
Companies that downsized during the recession left individual employees with unreasonable workloads. Although business travel and conferences can be a welcome escape from office chaos, they may seem to remove the 'OFF' button on a work-life schedule.

Tempted to take a bite out of your smartphone? 
Here are some tips to balance your professional and personal lives on your business trip to Sacramento, California:

  • Better manage transitions between your work and personal lives. Awake a bit earlier and take a quick lap around the California State Capitol Park, while you set the tone for the day.
  • Eat healthy. It's easy to get a daily recommendation of five fruits and vegetables at most downtown Sacramento dining options. Of course, you could take vitamins -- but they will neither be tasty nor well-presented.
  • Relax before bedtime. Two hours before bed, shut down your fluid intake. One hour before bed, cool & darken your bedroom to prepare your body for deep sleep. 
Treat yourself to a 3-minute video retreat to Sacramento, then contact our Convention Sales Team to help your conference delegates to strike a better work-life balance on the road. Show 'em you care and have them return to the office in a happier mood!