Hello again from the the Wine Gal.  In this blog I will talk about Bogle white wines!  I wanted to wait to taste the 2009 Sauvignon Blanc before I wrote this.  This wine was just introduced to the tasting room this past week.  I wanted to make sure it lived up to the previous year and it did not disappoint.  Winemaker Eric Aafedt did it again!!

The wines I am talking about today are what are available in the our tasting room.  You can always go to the Bogle Facebook page to see what new wines may be coming up. 

In my opinion the 09 Sauv Blanc is just as good as the the 08.  It is light and crisp, I am a lover of pineapple and I can taste that fruit in this vintage.  The 09 is a wonderful wine for this time of year!  It is available in the tasting room and you should see it in your local Raley's or Safeway.

I mentioned that Bogle has a sparkling wine, Blanc de Blancs, which is only available in the tasting room.  This sparkling Chardonnay is worth the drive and the money.  I love, love, love it!!  And, the bottle is so pretty! These Chardonnay grapes come from our ranch in Clarksburg.  Some people shy away from sparkling wines because of the bubbles, but these bubbles, like the song, are tiny, not overpowering!!  So come on out as Bogle offers great Sacramento outdoor activities, of picnicking among the vineyards and drinking a lovely bottle of sparkling Chardonnay, you can't beat that!!  There is nothing better then hearing the sound of a cork popping!

The Bogle Chardonnay, is of course, the staple of most households!  I can bet that most people reading this have tasted our Chardonnay and probably have a bottle in their home!  This is not a huge Chard with lots of butter and oak  but rather crisp and light! Currently we are pouring the 2008 which should also be in your local grocery stores.  But I suggest you come out to the winery! It is one of the closer Sacramento Wineries, that offer great wines and Sacramento outdoor activities.  You can buy a bottle and enjoy the warm Sacramento days that are sure to come!! 

On to the 2008 Riesling, I am not a sweet wine drinker but I must say that the Riesling is rather refreshing during the summer days.  It is considered a semi dry Riesling so it is not syrupy sweet.  It is fermented in 100% stainless steel which gives it that crisp fruity flavor, great with some brie cheese and crackers!!

So out of the Bogle white wines the Sauvignon Blan remains my favorite, my recycle bin can attest to this!  I am taking several bottles on my trip to Southern California to be enjoyed by my family and friends!!

As the weather gets nicer, put Bogle Winery on your list of things to do in Sacramento California.  Bogle is one of many Sacramento weekend events for family and friends!! 

I hope you enjoyed my reviews on our white wines we are pouring!  But you should not take my word for it, come out and see us, the vines are beautiful, pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery!

Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy a glass of Bogle real soon!!