This post was supposed to be about Spring in Sacramento. That's when the buds begin to bloom on the city's tree-lined streets, Sacramento nightlife really comes alive, and flip flops become the unofficial shoes of the masses.

Instead, consider this a detour post before Spring arrives. Why? Because it's been raining... really, really raining. (As a Californian, I'm obligated to say the following: "But we need the rain." Okay, I said it.) Besides, everyone loves a good weather story. So, here's mine.

A lot of the rain from Sunday's storm ended up in my office. I (literally) walked into a nice little puddle this morning. If it was anything like the last time rain found its way into my office, it must have been a doozy of a sight. During the last storm, streams of water trickled down the walls and heavy drops hit the edge of my desk and sort of plopped everywhere. There were four to five wastebaskets and something that might be kind of an ugly vase collecting the rainwater. The best part was the fleece jacket in the window absorbing the drips before they hit the ledge, ricochet like a projectile and take out the eye of an unsuspecting co-worker. I can only surmise that it was a similar scene last night as judged by the layer of water found floating through my paperwork and office supplies.  

So, that's's raining. Very shortly it won't be. And this will all be a distant memory. The City of Trees (one of Sacramento's many monikers) will bloom again and people of all ages and backgrounds will find themselves strolling on the Old Sacramento boardwalk, biking and enjoying nature along American River Parkway, and just enjoying this pretty cool California city.

Until then, I gotta go get a towel and soak up the water.