Defending the Caveman

What's better than enjoying a glass of wine and an appetizer from Cosmo Café? Doing the same while watching California Musical Theatre's rendition of Defending the Caveman at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret.

A delightful comedy about the relationship between the sexes, Caveman seeks to dispel the "men are all jerks" mantra, and manages to do so in a way that proves the point without disparaging either women or men. Through witty lines and insightful observations, Caveman encourages acceptance of the differences between the sexes, quietly pushing an agenda of coexisting and understanding, rather than resigning to a never-ending battle of the sexes. Referring to a multitude of home-hitting observations (in a consistently light-hearted and humorous way), the play incites one to think outside their gender—observing the actions of the opposite sex and considering the situation from their perspective before passing judgment or becoming upset.

As the playbill promises, affectionate nudging will occur throughout the performance as couples recognize the traits being described on stage in one another. Leaving the theatre, expect to have a smile on your face and a rejuvenated sense of peace with the ingrained differences between the sexes.

Ben Tedder in Defending the Caveman at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret

Defending the Caveman runs through September 11, 2011 (Wed 7pm; Thurs 2pm & 7pm; Fri 8pm; Sat 2pm & 8pm; Sun 2pm).

The one-man play features four different Cavemen through the course of its run: Cody Lyman (June 1-June 26), Ben Tedder (June 29-July 17), Paul Perroni (July 20-Aug 14), and Vince Valentine (Aug 17-Sept 11).

Catch it before it's gone! Tickets are available here.

Image (right): Ben Tedder in Defending the Caveman at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret

Written by Assistant Editor, Alison Kranz

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