I guess time flies when you’re busy, and we here in Sacramento tourism have had a whirlwind year.

People who live in Sacramento know what a great place it is to relax, eat, drink, learn and adventure, and it’s our job let the rest of the world know. This year, we focused on actually getting out there and spreading word face to face with friends from all over the globe. We took our message to places like Los Angeles, Seattle, Nashville, Orlando and Dallas. We headed north to Canada and spread the word in Toronto, Vancouver, and even little Kamloops. We even worked our way overseas to talk up Sacramento in Belgium, Holland and Germany. And we've got our eyes set on you, Australia.

When we weren't bringing Sacramento to the world, we were bringing the world to Sacramento. We hosted more international familiarization (fam) trips in 2014 than we ever have before, and we’re always looking to host more. Once people experience our region firsthand, they get a better idea of what we’re all about.

And what were we all about in 2014? As America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, we were about good food with a seemingly endless calendar of food-related events, all culminating in September with the highly successful Farm-to-Fork Celebration. We were about good beer as we enjoyed Sacramento’s more than 30 craft breweries. And we were about good times filled with music, biking, history and that super-exciting big hole in the ground which is on its way become Sacramento’s new entertainment and sports center in 2016, the home of your Sacramento Kings.

So 2014 was a great year, and I hope you got to be a part of it. If not, give us a call or email me, and we’ll get you here for 2015!