What is perhaps one of the premier Sacramento weekend events takes place every Memorial Day Weekend - Sacramento Jazz Festival & Jubilee. As much fun and excitement  there is during the weekend, the Festival holds a special place in the hearts of Sacramento Convention Center employees, but for a different reason.

Betty's Bistro!In 2007, Senior Events Supervisor Betty Lucchesi was inducted into the Jazz Festival Hall of Fame due to her hard work and dedication over the years.  Betty has helped the Jazz Committee with the planning, logistics and set ups for the past 20 years, making sure each room was just right for the various musical talents and spectators alike.

As a special thank you to Betty for her many years of service, the Jazz Committee named a venue after our very own Betty Lucchesi called Betty’s Bistro

Be sure to stop by Betty's Bistro inside the Convention Center this weekend and enjoy the music and maybe do a little dancing to bands such as Shelley Burns & Avalon Swing and Loose Marbles.

Who knows, maybe YOU will have the chance to run into the actual Betty at Betty’s Bistro

Guest blogger Matt Voreyer, Deputy General Manager for Sacramento Convention Center, authored this post.