Until recently the adjective 'cowtown' made Sacramentans cringe. It unfairly reduced our bounty of gold country wineries, outdoor recreation and sports, and cosmopolitan city living to … commodity cows and draft animals. Well, we invite you to join our revolution, to rightly respect our agricultural neighbors for nourishing and fueling our daily lives.


With 320 days of sunshine a year, the Sacramento region is a jewel with urban and rural facets. Area chefs (professional and amateur) are quick to recognize local growers who bring high-quality vegetables, fruits, meats, beers and wines to their dining rooms. Locals and visitors alike, whet your appetites as you consider your next culinary experience in California’s capital.

Where Food & Culture Intersect (16th & J streets, Sacramento, Calif.)

Rather than equip you with a laundry list of good eats, let me highlight the gourmet ghettos and allow you to discover tasty treasures for yourself:


·         Savor Old Sacramento’s fine dining scene even if you didn’t bring your Sunday best.

Dine on the riverfront or in a number of restored, historic buildings.

·         Bound by 11th and 16th streets, near K & L streets, enjoy a variety of cuisines near the Sacramento Convention Center and the State Capitol. Anchors include The Park Downtown (15th & L), The Firestone (16th & L), and The Elliott Building (16th Street, between J & K).

·         L Street & Capitol Avenue between 18th & 21st streets are the veins of Midtown's Handle District.  

·         The Sutter District surrounds Sutter’s Fort, but its artery is 28th Street, between J and N.

·         Explore Midtown along J Street, bound by 18th and 28th streets, and R Street between 14th & 15th.
MARRS, on 20th Street between J & K, is not as distant as we once thought.

·         Tower Café reigns at the heart of the ethnic food enclave on Broadway, between Riverside Blvd. and 26th Street. Thanks to Capital Public Radio, the local NPR affiliate, for this preview.

·         Luxury defines Financial District dining on Capitol Mall, bound by 4th and 7th streets.


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