Sacramento’s Bacon Fest 2014 kicked off on Sunday, and as witnessed by the enthusiastic crowds the third annual event is panning out to be another PIG…er BIG success!  Opening night festivities at Grange Restaurant and Bar sizzled with amazing epigcurean fare created by chefs from Grange, Ella and Kru.  While rockin’ out to the sounds of DJ Slaughter, baconphiles dined on Bacon Brats by Chef Oliver Ridgeway, Bacon Hand Rolls by Chef Billy Ngo and Bacon Terrine by Chef Ravin Patel.  Signature Fest cocktails included Smoked Banana Bacon Cola (with bacon-infused bourbon) and Tusk (a concoction of Makers Mark and bacon vermouth). 

Photo courtesy Sacramento Bacon Fest

Throughout town, it was a gourmet pig-out on opening night of Bacon Fest, and there is much more competitive swilling of bacon-inspired food and libations on the menu throughout the week.  For example:  Low Brau’s exclusive Bacon Fest Dog with secret Siracha sauce, brussel sprouts and bacon; Tuli Bistro’s All-Hail Beef and Bacon Burger, Bacon Onion Soup and Carbonara Pizza; Samuel Horne Tavern’s “Death Muffin” (seems to defy description!); Formoli’s crispy lamb sweetbreads with bacon polenta; Selland’s Pork Belly Sandwich with creamy coleslaw; Capital Dime’s Roasted Japanese Quail stuffed with House Smoked Bacon; Waterboy’s Bacon, Arugula and Ricotta Raviolis and Dos Coyote’s Housemade Bacon and Bleu Guacamole are but a small sampling of the creations sure to satisfy the most discerning of pork palates. 

Enhancing the swine-centric experience, Sacramento bartenders are offering  variety of “signature snorts” for Bacon Fest.  Hams down, the Tennessee Eggnog Bacon Cocktail at The Firehouse and Ella’s Bacon and Eggs Cocktail will liven up brunch; the Swine & Stout at The Porch Restaurant & Bar is bacon-blended to perfection; and Ella’s Divine Swine will curl your tail.

Lastly, but how sweet it is, Bacon Fest is not without hog heaven desserts!  De Vere’s Irish Pub’s Bacon Bourbon Brownie with Maple Nut Ice Cream and Formoli’s Bacon Bread Pudding with Bacon Cream are but two of this Fest’s pork-out faves.

Sacramento is the Farm-to-Fork capital of California.  For more on Bacon Fest 2014, Jan. 19-26, visit the Sacramento Bacon Fest Facebook page.