What comes to mind when you hear the name Riedel?

Maximillian RiedelIf you're a hospitality veteran like me, you think of the Austrian glassmaking dynasty, Riedel Crystal. Maximillian J. Riedel, 11th generation of the family, can be credited with much of their success. Since joining the family business, he has expanded the company to international markets, been featured in numerous magazines and publications, designed and co-designed several decanters and famous collections.


In fact, most restaurants these days are likely to use one of his lines- Riedel Restaurant, which he created in 2001 specifically for restaurants. The line is designed to be more resistant to breakage and spotting than other glassware often used in restaurants, while still offering a variety of varietal specific shapes.

The most famous of his collections is the recent"O" series, a collection of stemless wine glasses. These were designed for serious wine drinkers but appropriate for casual appreciation as well. The series became the fastest selling new collection introduction in Riedel’s history.

Now you may ask, how much difference does the shape of the glass really make? According to Maximillian, the difference is worth a world tour. He is currently traveling the world demonstrating comparative wine tastings with glassware to prove that it REALLY makes a difference.

Sound interesting? Well you don’t have to go far to learn from this famous oenophile. Next week, Maximillian Riedel is coming to Sacramento! Held at the Historic Elks Tower Ballroom in Downtown Sacramento, This event may change your perception of wine forever- and even enhance your enjoyment of them. Even better, you’ll taste local wines from Sacramento Wineries and enjoy appetizers, desserts, and even go home with a set of your own 4-piece Vinum XL Tasting Set.
naceThe event is organized by the Sacramento Chapter of NACE (National Association of Catering Executives). All proceeds will go directly to the local non-profit chapter.

To put it in persepective, the first of these tastings took place at Vinopolis in London in September of 2009 and attracted an audience of over 400, filling the venue to capacity over the two days. A return visit to Vinopolis London is planned for September 2010. Unless you plan on going abroad soon, take advantage of this rare appearance!

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