I RUN Sacramento - confession of a runner in California's capital
Maintaining an exercise regimen can be difficult when you're a frequent traveler, but a jog, run or walk can be just what you need at the end of a long day of traveling or meetings. Lucky you, Runner's World ranked Sacramento #4 top running city in the U.S.

Staying at a downtown Sacramento hotel? Run California's capital without campaigning. Here are a few routes of varying distances that allow you to see some Sacramento tourist attractions and more:

1 mi / 1.6 km / Capitol Park circuit: L Street, 10th Street, N Street, 15th Street
The perimeter of the California State Capitol Park attracts downtown workers who walk during happy hours: lunch or after work. See trees from around the world and memorials to significant state events, local businesses, architecture and public art.

California International Marathon - Boston Marathon qualifier - Sacramento, California2 mi / 3.2 km / CapPark + Gov's Mansion + Esquire Plaza circuit:
L Street, 10th Street, N Street, 16th Street, H Street, 13th Street
Sights beyond the perimeter of Capitol Park include The Firestone's popular restaurants and bars, the current governor's loft and the historic Governor's Mansion, Memorial Auditorium, the Victorian-era Sterling Hotel, the Art Deco Esquire Plaza and the Sacramento Convention Center.  

2.6 mi / 4.2 km / Tower Bridge + Old Sacramento + I Street circuit:
L Street, 10th Street, Capitol Mall, Front Street, 2nd Street, I Street, 13th Street
CapPark and the fountain between the California State Library & Courts buildings, sprint up Capitol Mall toward golden Tower Bridge -- do it like Rocky runs up the front entrance to the Philly art museum! Parallel the Sacramento River and railroad tracks along a wooden boardwalk leading to the California State Railroad Museum.

As you leave old town, note the Sacramento Valley Train Station and new Federal Courthouse on your left; Chinatown will be on the right. You can't miss the 801 I Street Federal Building (pillars of French Renaissance architecture) and Central Library (Italian Renaissance), historic City Hall adn Cesar Chavez Plaza. When you get to the Sterling Hotel, you're in the home stretch toward the Convention Center.

3.2 mi / 5 km / CapPark Lite + Midtown + Sutter's Fort + Elk's Tower circuit:
L Street, 28th Street, J Street, 10th Street, L Street
Glimpse Capitol Park, browse local as you pass midtown boutiques and galleries, the original Sutter's Fort trading post, nightlife hot spots and Marshall Park, more midtown including Fleet Feet*, Memorial Auditorium and the Sacramento Convention Center, 1920s terra cotta towers of the Elks and Masons, and the 50s-esque Cosmopolitan building.  

Why run solo? Join a group workout with 
Buffalo Chips Running Club or the Sacramento Running Association.

Consider registering for a fun run or a more competitive event during your trip. *Specialty shop Fleet Feet offers this calendar. Otherwise, stop in and ask about suggested routes. It may even offer a free group run you can join.