Sports in Sacramento Get a Boost with the new UFL Sacramento Mountain Lions  I’m talkin’ about the newSacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.  They left San Francisco and their name The California Redwoods behind, and this time, I think they got it right coming here to the River City.  Professional Football will return to Sacramento starting Saturday, Sept. 25, when the Mountain Lions host the Florida Tuskers. The season will have four home games played at Sacramento State and a nine-game regular season starting Sept. 18 against the Hartford  (Conn.) Colonials and ending at home Nov. 14, against Omaha. Games will start at 8 pm and be televised on the Versus channel.

I had a chance to spend some time with Head Coach Dennis Green a few months ago when he was here setting up his team’s  accommodations and venue arrangements…what a blast! I can describe Green in two words: Class Act. Very serious about this team and very serious about this league, but he's having a lot of fun. Oh, and he's a real nice guy too. With his record of winning, Sacramento Mountain Lions fans have a lot to look forward to.

New Sacramento Mountain Lions QB Daunte Culpepper and Coach Dennis Green Bringing Excitement to the CapitalAs a season ticket holder I can hardly wait. The Mountain Lions add to the mix of things to do in Sacramento. We have the best coach in the league, combined with the best quarterback in the league (Daunte Culpepper).  Add in other top college players (many on the verge of getting into the NFL) and you have the makings of a very exciting football team. I’ve learned from talking to Mountain Lions staff that this league is comprised of great college players that simply did not quite make it to the NFL. They all still have the dream, and this league provides them with the stage to hone their skills. 

So get ready to save money on the cost of tickets. Save time vs. driving to the Bay Area.  Enjoy pro football action in a smaller more intimate setting. Get up close and personal with the team and the fans without paying an arm and a leg for the ticket. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the crowds and the excitement that comes with cheering fans but you can keep the traffic snarls associated with it.  

If you would like ticket information and the entire season schedule visit

Wouldn’t it be cool if one day the NFL simply acquired the UFL and made it the official minor leagues of the NFL?