People are the essence of Sacramento, California. In particular, we like residents and visitors mingling together. Meet another creative neighbor who brightens our days -- and your next holiday in Sacramento:

In 2005, she began selling Fat Face gourmet popsicles from a cart at the widely popular Davis farmers market. Using produce from local growers, she makes ice pops with classic (tame) to epicurean flavors. Combinations range from honeydew-wasabi, Thai tea-sweet potato, and fig-caramel-crème fraîche to strawberry-lemonade.

Jaymes shares, “I don’t want to be weird just to be weird. I want things to taste good.” She partnered with boutique owners to open a popsicle & sandwich shop at Bows & Arrows in midtown Sacramento. 

Butler asserted, "Those popsicles will be famous shortly, mark my words."

Linda lamented, "I got to have an egg and bacon popsicles. Who would've even thought?  Anyway, it was fantastic!  (Since) you're not located in the Bay Area, I (am) disappointed. Sadface."

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