Janet, Cindy and Carol:  Who we are.

Pictured from left to right: Cynthia Gibbs, Janet Lewis, Carol DabrowiakWe met in a Toastmasters Class in 1994.  When the chapter disbanded, we decided we would still meet occasionally for lunch.  Since we all worked in different departments for Sacramento County, our paths frequently crossed at work.  We had the common employer denominator to give us plenty of topics to discuss at lunch.  By making sure we set our next luncheon date and place before we left the table, we were able to keep our monthly meetings going for 18 years.  None of us has blogged before, but we look forward to exploring Sacramento as "local tourists" and sharing our travels with everyone.

Carol Dabrowiak

Carol DabrowiakSacramento is my adopted home town.  I moved here 40 years ago with my husband when he accepted a job transfer.  It was supposed to be a temporary assignment, but we loved California and chose to settle here.  This is where I raised my two sons.  This is where I finished my college degree and this is where I worked as an Accountant for Sacramento County - making great friends along the way.   I'm originally from a large family in Chicago.  Now they all live in different parts of the country, so it is fun to travel around and visit my siblings and their families.   I like to read and discuss books.  I also enjoy taking classes to learn new things.  A few years ago I retired from Sacramento County.   Finally there is time to explore the area and visit the museums and sites that make Sacramento such an interesting city.   I look forward to sharing my observations with others.

Cynthia Gibbs

Cynthia GibbsI am an accomplished tourist and have traveled and lived many places.  I have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong, India, Japan and Thailand. I have traveled through Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Scandinavia and the British Isles.  Before the wall came down in Berlin, I traveled the eastern block, Russia, Poland, etc.  I have traveled throughout the United States, from Mexico to Canada, along the West Coast, East Coast, South and Southwest.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to go places.  I have lived and worked in Sacramento County since 1984.  I am a hometown tourist, traveling where I live and enjoying the great companionship in Carol and Janet on these adventures in and around Sacramento.

Janet Lewis

Janet LewisI am a lifelong Sacramentan but have traveled enough to know that we’ve got a good thing going here!  What I especially love about Sacramento that gives me a real sense of place (besides the iconic Tower Bridge) are the delta breeze and the scent of willows along the American River.  I’m happy and sometimes amazed that Sacramento provides such a diversity of arts: ballet, opera, poetry center, theater, art galleries, etc.  You may be surprised to learn that I’ve had a passport for 5 years but have never used it.  I guess it’s just that I know there are still a lot of wonderful places and experiences close by and in my own hometown.  Cindy and Carol are such good pals to share and discover all of these nearby destinations with.  Our list is already long and interesting; we will never run out of Hometown Tourist adventures!  HT: it’s a state of mind!