Some members of your group may want to participate in less strenuous activities.  A carriage ride through Old Sacramento is a great alternative to more adventurous activites.Sometimes not all group activities are for everyone. Maybe whitewater rafting is a bit too daring.  Or the group is wine-tasting and you don’t drink. We all find ourselves in this type of situation from time to time. Well, have no worries. The Sacramento CVB strives to make everyone in your group enjoy their time here - even if that means planning a separate activity for an individual or small group that isn’t interested in doing the group's main activity. 

We want everyone in your group to enjoy their visit to Sacramento, even if it takes several itinerary options.  For example, if a person does not wish to participate in one of the many Sacramento recreation activities such as whitewater rafting or biking on the American River Parkway, we are happy to provide options for those group members so they do not feel left out or have to wait on the "sidelines." 

We recently had a large group in town that was scheduled for a hard-hat mine tour in the Gold Country. A couple of group members knew they wouldn’t feel comfortable in such a situation, so we helped them fill their day with other – less strenuous – activities such as shopping, visiting a museum and going on a carriage ride.

We are more than happy to make such plans for any members of your groups that, for any reason, don’t wish to participate in the main group activity.  There is a wide range of fun things to do in Sacramento. 

Contact me to learn more about what I can do to accommodate all the members of your group.