As the interest in wine grows, there are more wine consumers on the hunt to learn how to pick wine that complements their entrees.  A wine pairings event not only appeals to this newly emerging wine culture, it also offers a fun and social educational component your delegates can take with them. 

What is a wine pairing event?

Wine pairing events should be fun and educational. The event could be a very casual pairing of Chardonnays with passed hors d’oeuvres, a sit-down tasting with 3-4 wines or a formal multi-course dinner.  The sommelier introduces the wines and gives a simple overall flavor profile.  Encouraging guests’ comments makes the event lively. 

Planning a wine pairing event

You can plan a wine pairing event for any number of people by choosing a restaurant’s Chef’s tasting menu, or having 2-3 wines recommended by the sommelier to pair with your own selected menu.  An ideal number of guests is 8-10 per bottle for a tasting.

Wine pairing tips

You don’t need to follow a standard of Chardonnay with fish and Cabernet with beef.  Drink wine that you like.  A sommelier can assist you with wine pairings that will enhance the flavors of food and your dining experience. 

Click here to download some fun examples of pairings to try.