I recently had the pleasure of accompanying “Nick on the Town” to Mulvaney’s B&L, a locally owned restaurant in Midtown specializing in “Farm to Fork.”  Being a recent transplant to California from New Orleans, this “Farm to Fork” concept is something not entirely familiar to me.  And coming from New Orleans, I thought I already knew everything there is to know about food.  Sacramento restaurants have taught me the value of the “Farm to Fork” concept.  Since I have lived in Sacramento, I have been inundated with amazing, fresh food with menus that truly reflect the harvest of the season.  And Mulvaney’s was no exception.
Mulvaney's B&L serves up "farm to fork" culinary delights for a special downtown Sacramento dining experience. 
From the Fois Gras to the Lamb Stew (the lamb was locally sourced from Superior Farms via MJ Livestock in Dixon, CA) to the key lime pie and asparagus ice cream, the chefs at Mulvaney’s excelled at the “Farm to Fork” concept.  Everything was fresh, and it tasted great. 

The main dining room sits in an 1893 firehouse and can seat 50+ guests, making it an intimate and unique dining experience.  There is also a garden patio that can seat 40 guests.  And through the gate, “Next Door” is two rooms that can seat 30 – 100 for all your large groups.  The rooms can be used individually or split in two, using one room for a reception and the other for dinner.

Mulvaney’s is only one example of the culinary treats that can be found throughout Sacramento.  “Farm to Fork” is taken very seriously here, and it shows in the growth and recognition of many of our restaurants, including Grange Restaurant & Bar, Ella Dining Room and Bar and The Waterboy Restaurant

Whether you are here with a convention or a group tour, a family vacation or getaway, the SCVB is proud to be a resource for dining in Sacramento and planning your night out at Mulvaney’s B&L or some of the other restaurants celebrating “Farm to Fork” in Sacramento. 

Email us at tourism@discovergold.org to arrange a “Farm to Fork” group event.