Sacramento Fam Trip Participants Enjoy the State CapitolWhether you call them famils, fams, superfams, or familiarization tours, the importance of these trips is simple and clear.  Here at the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, we believe in the strong value of a fam trip.  It is important for tour operators and travel professionals to be able to see every aspect of a tour you are selling to your groups. 

On one of our most recent large fam tours, nine top-achieving Air New Zealand incentive winners participated in a California Dreamin’ FAM tour.  Highlights of their busy two-night stay in Sacramento included an evening of ice skating, a visit to Apple Hill, wine tasting and gold mine exploration. On the final night, the group even roasted marshmallows around the fire pit at Le Rivage Hotel and enjoyed s’mores for the very first time.  One participant said, “I never knew California was such a diverse state.  It’s not all palm trees and beaches, so seeing a city like Sacramento was amazing for that different view.” 

A fam trip is all about creating the best tour for your customers.  Here are some of the benefits you can receive by participating in a Sacramento fam trip:

  1. Firsthand knowledge of what you are selling to your customers.  The SCVB is here to show you exactly what your groups are experiencing.  From hotels to restaurants to attractions, we give you the experience you are selling to your customers.
  2. Opportunities to see new things.  It may have been a while since you have been to Sacramento.  We have new restaurants and attractions your groups may want to see.  We would like to give you an opportunity to add new options to your tours.
  3. Develop personal relationships.  Meet the people behind the bookings, the food and the drinks.  You can learn more about Sacramento by hearing the stories of our hotel sales representatives, restaurateurs, winemakers and more on a Sacramento fam trip.  Plus, you get to enjoy the fascinating company of the Sacramento Tourism team.
  4. The value of the Hub and Spoke.  When you are creating a new tour (or amending an old one), a destination’s proximity to other sellable destination makes a big impact.  When you visit us in Sacramento, you can easily travel to other destinations included on your groups’ itineraries.  When you see how close Sacramento is to other important northern California tourism destinations, plotting out your new group tour will be much easier.
  5. An experience of a lifetime.  We are proud of our destination, and we want to make sure you enjoy it.  But it’s not only about impressing you as a tour operator, it is also about showing you how we can impress your clients.  Everything we show you while you are in Sacramento can be built into one of your group tours.  A great experience had by one of your customers can bring repeat business and new referrals. 

We are eager to host you in Sacramento.  We are confident it will be an experience that will help you grow your business and show you the value of adding Sacramento to your group tour.  Email me if you have any questions or would like to start organizing your fam trip today.

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