Do you plan an annual event? And do you want to minimize production costs?

There are several benefits to hosting your annual event in Sacramento year after year. Ask yourself if building a long-term relationship with destination experts like us helps your association, reunion or sports tournament. Major benefits of routinely returning to the same city are date selection and cost savings. A multi-year venue contract allows you to negotiate a lower rate per year. Subsidies may be available to offset parking or transportation expenses. Of course, your benefits will depend on your needs and wants.

Over time, several California state associations have learned that meeting in the same city improves their professional relationships with the CVB and suppliers. Planners have saved significant time that otherwise would be spent researching alternative destinations and venues. Working with reliable partners in the industry has helped to control financial costs. It also frees up our clients to focus on driving attendance and engaging with delegates before trade show doors open.

A longer-term collaboration with a city, as a whole, often helps you get things done that you might not otherwise be able to do. If you want to plan a 5k fun run that promotes health and wellness among your association members (and even their families) you'll be in a better position to work with city officials to identify an optimum route and get approval for street closures.

Moreover, your delegates won't waste time learning the lay of the Sacramento Convention Center, meeting facilities or headquarters hotels. Attendees don't need to think about which airport they'll fly into -- the LEED Silver Sacramento International Airport -- or where to dine if they're on a per-diem budget.

Make it easy for them to learn about what's already new and unfamiliar in their field of expertise.

When attendees are more comfortable, they can network as well. These professionals may be out of the office, but it doesn't mean they've stopped trying to solve systemic problems. When delegates sit down with peers from other cities who have faced similar challenges, they can trade best practices or hear new perspectives about dilemmas they'll need to address once they return to the office.

Contact the SCVB Convention Sales Team to learn how we can help you make multi-year contacts work for you and your annual event.