The RFP needn't be difficult. Your CVB can help you navigate the process.One area that can seem like a relatively simple process, but you soon discover that the coordination can be time-consuming, daunting even, with results that can be less than desired, is the RFP (request for proposal) process. Primarily, the response rate for proposals can be slow in coming or not at all, causing planners to question if hotels value their business.

The short answer is YES. Hotel sales managers place a premium on meeting planners and their business, as it is often the bread and butter for their properties. 
Corporate Meetings & Incentives ran a very good article in its February issue on the RFP process and why it does and can break down.

The writers (Katherine Markham and David Markham) presented some worthwhile reasons why properties don't respond promptly, including hotel sales executives inundated with inquiries, incomplete RFP's and hotels waiting to hear about a better piece of business. 

They also presented solutions for planners to make the process better for both sides, such as ensuring that all the information is covered in the RFP, doing your homework, creating a realistic deadline.

A large part of the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau responsiblities is securing hotel RFP's (request for proposals) for the planner. When you work with a CVB, your sales manager will help you avoid some of the pitfalls and serve as the liaison to the hotel sales managers to get you the best possible service, including prompt responses.

Furthermore, we're the meeting experts on Sacramento meeting facilities and Sacramento area hotels, plus we offer the added bonus of convention and meeting services which are typically free.

We are an extension of your meeting planning department, whether you're a department of one, five or 20, or even a part-timer who slips in meeting planning between a host of other responsibilities.
The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau can help secure hotels, meeting facilities and necessary services.
A convention & visitors bureau role is pretty straightforward - we work on behalf of the customer (i.e. meeting planner) to find suitable hotels, meeting facilities and amenities to ensure a successful convention/conference/meeting in the destination of choice.