The ring is on the finger, the veil is soon to come, but a girl can’t
walk down the aisle before taking stage and proclaiming her last night of freedom in the infamous tradition we like to call “The Bachelorette Party.”

Her name is Stephanie, she resides in Chico, and her favorite place to play is in our Golden City, Sacramento. "There are so many fun things to do in Sacramento, I would prefer doing my Bachelorette Party there, " Steph said a few months back.

So the planning began and tomorrow, the adventure, or death of her (depending on your personal opinion) begins. Stephanie and six other Chico ladies will pile in their SUV and meet the local Sacramenteans-where we will collectively celebrate the bride-to-be.

The plan you ask? Free wine tasting in Amador County, followed up with dinner at Bistro 33, and a night of dancing at The Mix. Perhaps, we will end the night with a jagged walk back to our downtown Sacramento hotel, The Citizen.  And then wake up to annoyingly bright sun beams hitting our face and go cure our pain with a champagne brunch at Capitol Garage

Should be fun. A recap may be necessary.