A few days ago a student tour operator I work with, Fannie, frantically called me from Canada. The flight home for her student group from Sacramento to Orange County had been delayed two hours. 

Due to the delay, plans changed.  Initially, they had not intended on feeding the kids, so new lunch plans became in order and served up a bit of a problem!  They needed a quick lunch spot for 55 students, 14 adults, and a meal that cost close to nothing because it had not been budgeted for. Fast, inexpensive AND a bus load of people...hmmm...what to do?
Fannie and I have worked together over the past few weeks setting up several groups for two-night, three-day tours in Sacramento.  Their itineraries stem from seeing some of the most popular attractions in Sacramento to eating at some of our  best student-friendly restaurants.  Fannie and I have developed a great relationship from working together and I am glad that she turned to me during crunch time!

So I thought..."What would a tired fourth grader want for lunch, and how do I stay in Fannie's time-line and budget?"  BURGERS and ICE CREAM of course! I called our partner, Suzie Burger, and for $5 they each  received a burger, fries, a drink and soft cone. Needless to say, the students and the chaperons didn't  mind the delay after all. They had a safe flight home and I look forward to seeing them in Sacramento again!