Sacramento's culinary community is set to be featured in a reality TV series currently in the works. “Breaking Bread” will seat Sacramento’s world-class chefs around the table engaging in some very dynamic, unscripted dialogue…where nothing is off-limits.

“ 'Breaking Bread' showcases the people producing the great food we have in Sacramento—from the chefs, to the farmers and everybody in between.  More importantly, it offers a platform that will shine a light on the social consciousness and other universal issues in the food industry that are being thoughtfully addressed by our culinary community,” said Mike Testa, President and CEO of Visit Sacramento. “Exceptional food will be the centerpiece that’s surrounded by conversations on topics like mental health in kitchens, the diversity and sourcing practices of our chef community, the blessing and the curse of the Michelin Guide in the market, and a variety of other topics that will be driven by wide-ranging voices within the industry.”   

Viewers will be taken on a journey that’s nothing like the reality shows we’ve come to expect, but rather about the emotional, cultural, and passionate stories we would otherwise never know about Sacramento’s culinary artists.

(There’s plenty of behind-the-kitchen drama, too.)

The series, a partnership between Misfit, Moonracer Films and Visit Sacramento, is currently in the process of being developed, and producers are in talks with TV networks to air the six-episode series.