What do these men have in common?

Consider this: Jay Leno, Bill Clinton, Tom Hanks and Michael Jordan -- Baby Boomers. Can somebody
tell me what these men have in common with each other? If this much diversity can exist in a short
list of Boomers, doesn't it make sense that uniqueness & variety exist within each generation in
your organization, too?

Leadership expert Linda Henman is quoted in a recent MPI one+ article. Stereotypes create unnecessary hurdles to understanding similarities and differences among an association's members. Professionals of all ages will need to collaborate, to identify solutions to current and foreseeable challenges. (Did you know California associations commonly develop initiatives that their national counterparts will not consider for another two or three years?)

Delegates discuss the keynote speaker's presentation.Meeting in Sacramento allows industry veterans & novices alike to rally together and bring a united message to policymakers in the state capitol. When groups converge at the Sacramento Convention Center, I make it a priority to grab coffee from the on-site Starbucks or lunch from Wolfgang Puck Express. Often I see delegates continue conversations that began during breakout sessions.

Know what locals know: The lobby, bar & restaurants of downtown Sacramento hotel, Sheraton Grand, are housed within Sacramento's Public Market Building. Dating back to 1920, this structure was designed by Julia Morgan -- architect of Hearst Castle. Today it remains a favorite gathering place for generations of Sacramentans and travelers alike.