Let’s get real…there is no Disneyland in Sacramento, and we’re fine with that.  Sacramento has something most cosmopolitan cities do not - authentic California experiences.

Over 150 years ago during the Gold Rush, we provided accommodations and amenities to Get Happythe largest migration of people the world had ever seen.  We were instrumental in establishing California’s statehood, which lives on through our attractions and Sacramento’s tagline, “California Begins Here.” Read more on how Sacramento holds true to its heritage in the article “All-American Experience in Sacramento.”

Another way we stay true is by embracing our diverse culture that gives us a character all our own.  Sacramento was built by pioneers who traveled from around the world.  Travel is the foundation of our eclectic city, and we invite you and your delegates to hang with us – the locals. If you want to meet real people, eat organic food, drink craft beer, taste local wines and see how real Californians live, Sacramento is the place to be. Welcoming neighborhood restaurants, pubs and shops encourage delegates to relax and immerse themselves in the authentic California style.