This event happened about a week ago, but it was so cool, I just wanted to share it with folks, and remind everyone that there are plenty of fun things to do in Sacramento.  For the past 20 years, Sacramento has held a 3-day chalk art festival. Chalk it Up! To Sacramento is held at Fremont Park, created to benefit children’s art education programs and art activities.  Why paint on a canvas indoors, when you can chalk outside in front of thousands.

Chalk art

It's a great Sacramento family don't have to spend a penny because all children activities are free, plus there's live music and vendors, a perfect Sacramento weekend event (Labor Day Weekend).

Local artists, equipped with a 24-piece box of chalk, create masterpieces on the sidewalk around the perimeter of the park.

Sacramentans visit throughout the day observing the progress of these two-by-four squares as they turn into a portrait of a musician, a nature scene or an Aztec warrior telling a story.
 Chalk Art Festival

This event isn’t just for spectators. It encourages all the public to participate in the community event and support the arts. University Art on J Street supplies the environmentally friendly chalk for the festival, and encourages kids of all ages to chalk art in the designated community squares.
This year the public had the chance to vote for their top three squares. On the last day, there was an award ceremony where the winning artists  received a people’s choice award and prize. By the magnitude of the crowds, locals support the arts and the talented artists. This annual event highlights arts in Sacramento.

Written by Promotional Intern, Alejandra Gonzalez