Sacramento Gives Your Group A Motorcoach-Friendly ExperienceYour motorcoach is essential to your group.  And it is also essential your motorcoach seamlessly fits into your scheduled itinerary.  Sacramento is a motorcoach-friendly destination with many options to ensure your motorcoach is staged, loaded, unloaded and parked with ease in reasonable time.  Here are five ways the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau can ease your motorcoach worries:

1. Sacramento International Airport.  Many airports are not motorcoach-friendly.  We are proud to say that Sacramento International welcomes all motorcoaches so that your groups can get started on schedule immediately after picking up their bags.  Most Sacramento area motorcoaches come equipped with a pass that immediately allows them into the passenger area.  If you are using an out of town motorcoach, transportation to and from the airport is still fast and easy.  When planning your itinerary, we can help you choose a local motorcoach company that currently works with the airport.  Or we can help to ensure that your out of area motorcoach is equipped with the proper information to get to and from the airport with ease.

2. A Grand Welcome.  Our local hotels are always ready to accept motorcoaches quickly and efficiently.  But, if your group is planning on staying two nights or longer, the SCVB would be happy to set up a welcome reception for your group.  While the luggage is being delivered and keys handed out, we can entertain guest tired from traveling with a regional wine and cheese or juice and cookie reception.  We want your groups to feel welcome and at ease as soon as they step off of the motorcoach.

3. We Have a Spot for You.  Sacramento has many tourist attractions within short drives of one another.  And no matter which one of our hotel partners you choose, most of our Sacramento area hotels are only minutes away from our tourist attractions and dining.  It is important that your motorcoach is able to load and unload easily.  It is also important that the motorcoach is able to find nearby parking.  Old Sacramento has dedicated FREE motorcoach parking behind the California State Railroad Museum.  There is also motorcoach parking on 15th Street near Capitol Park.  The SCVB will also work with you to make sure your guests enjoy all aspects of your itinerary, including downtown Sacramento dining, without having to walk several blocks after unloading from the motorcoach.

4. This Is a Stick-Up.  As an added value, we can have your motorcoach greeted with costumed characters in Old Sacramento.  As your motorcoach unloads, your travelers will be greeted by old-time gunslingers and characters in costumes from the Gold Rush era.  Don’t worry; these bandits are only here to entertain.  Your motorcoach is safe!  We would be happy to arrange this FREE welcome service for any of your groups.

5. You Have a Dedicated Team.  You have a dedicated team to help you plan itineraries with your motorcoach convenience in mind.  Sacramento is an excellent “Hub & Spoke” location that can be used as a gateway to all Northern California has to offer.  We are expecting your motorcoach, and we are here to make your groups’ experiences convenient and memorable.

We are here to ensure every last detail of your itineraries is handled with care.  Please contact us at to start working on your motorcoach-friendly itinerary today.