Sacramento is quickly becoming known for its coffee culture, and while most typically think of coffee as hot, Sacramento coffee bars also serve a host of summer coffees to take the edge off a warm summer day and give that afternoon pick-me-up we all need from time to time.

The four coffees and one tea listed here are just a handful of what some of our local roasters are producing. Make sure to check some of them out the next time you want a cup of joe.

Secret Breakfast at The Mill

This is perhaps a loose take on the word breakfast and might look more like dessert, but no one’s judging. Bourbon-infused ice cream with crumbled cornflake cereal is topped with espresso, giving a fresh take on the classic affogado. The corn flakes add a crispness that complements the coffee and bourbon taste.

1827 I St.

Cold Brew at Insight Coffee Roasters

Sometimes it’s good to just relax with a cold-brewed classic. Insight Coffee Roasters offers its cold brew for those wanting to enjoy it in place or take it to go. And if you plan on coming back for more, think about purchasing a 16- or 32-oz bottle for refills at reduced prices. Unlike many cold brew coffees, Insight doesn’t dilute its cold brew, preferring to let the ice in the glass take care of that and give an extra buzz to the drink.

1901 Eighth St.
1615 16th St.
1014 10th St.
556 Pavilions Lane

Nitro Float at Temple Coffee Roasters

Temple is a Sacramento institution, and the nitro float brings together Temple nitro coffee and gelato from Devine Gelateria. Another drink great for sipping on a patio, visitors can choose from several gelato flavors to complement the coffee, including vanilla jasmine (pictured above).

2200 K St.
1010 Ninth St.
2829 S St.
2600 Fair Oaks Blvd.
239 G St. in Davis

Soul Tea at Old Soul Co.

Old Soul Co. is another Sacramento coffee institution, but coffee isn’t all that’s on the menu, and the seasonal drink for summer is Soul Tea, which is loose-leaf black tea, peppermint-rose syrup, almond milk and a mint leaf that combine for a refreshing drink.

1716 L St. (Rear Alley)
812 21st St.
3434 Broadway

Blended Blanco at Naked Lounge

The blended blanco at Naked Lounge is a blended iced white mocha topped with whipped cream and nutmeg. If white chocolate isn’t your favorite, opt for the mochaccino, which is the blended blanco’s chocolatey sibling, served in the same pint glass with added chocolate syrup drizzled inside.

1500 Q St.
1111 H St.
3527 Broadway