The Religious Conference Management Association
Inspired to Bring New Business to Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA - The Religious Conference Management Association (RCMA) is visiting Sacramento this week, with many of the members experiencing the city for their first time. On Wednesday, February 5, the group of over 600 religious meeting planners will convene in the Memorial Auditorium for a welcome address from Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson and Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) President and CEO, Steve Hammond. The welcoming speeches, beginning around 8:30 a.m., will be followed by a performance from local Sacramento artist, David Garibaldi.

"Hosting RCMA is a great opportunity for Sacramento convention business," says Mike Testa, Sr. Vice President of the SCVB. "This group of religious meeting planners has great potential to bring significant business to Sacramento over the next decade."

While in Sacramento, RCMA attendees are particularly focused on previewing meeting spaces for each of their respective clients. Faith-based convention groups require large session space and often utilize convention centers, hotels and arenas in cities hosting their convention business. As plans for a downtown arena continue to take shape, these larger, faith-based groups are the likely groups to utilize the new downtown arena.

RCMA will be in Sacramento through February 7th and blocked 3,980 hotel rooms at multiple locations in the Sacramento region. The conference will also contribute approximately $1,230,260 in economic impact to the City of Sacramento.

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