SACRAMENTO, Calif.-As the Sacramento region's explosive culinary scene and agricultural innovations continue to gain widespread recognition, the Farm-to-Fork program has re-launched its website to better showcase the depth of the region's farm-fresh offerings. The newly revised reflects the program's mission to establish the region's identity as America's Farm-to-Fork Capital.

 Now in its third year, the ongoing Farm-to-Fork Program is designed to increase national awareness of the Sacramento region's unmatched prowess when it comes to fresh food. The program works to raise the region's profile as a food destination and hub for agricultural and food system solutions, with the goal of attracting visitors, businesses and ultimately job and local business growth to the greater Sacramento area. With Farm-to-Fork's reach expanding quickly, the program teamed with local firms Honey Agency and Position Interactive to redesign The goal of the website's re-launch was to create an online information clearinghouse for both industry members and consumers who were looking to learn more about what it means to live farm-to-fork in the Sacramento region.

 "Farm-to-Fork continues to generate positive national attention for our region and is growing at a rapid pace.  We need a strong Web presence that captures the spirit of our region and showcases all that we have to offer," said Farm-to-Fork Program Director Nicole Rogers. "Inquiries come in daily from people across the country looking to better understand what we do and this website will help to effectively communicate that information."

 From early on in the design process, Honey Agency stressed the need for the new website to better define the Farm-to-Fork Program so that both residents and those outside of the market have a clear understanding of how Farm-to-Fork impacts their own lives.

 "The challenge in explaining 'we are farm to fork' is that Sacramento isn't just making a claim, but it is something with an authentic purpose. The ‘we' in the statement above includes a ton of audiences the program supports, from farmers, to consumers, to chefs, to educators, to retailers. Each audience must be addressed immediately and the brand must touch them," said Honey Agency Co-Founder Meghan Phillips.

 Honey Agency also focused heavily on the visually imagery that surrounds farm-to-fork in the region when developing the site's look and feel.

 "We want (Farm-to-Fork) to be seen as a leader and not be mistaken as a passing fad. No kitschy haystacks or farm implements-we wanted the creative tone to be really approachable with a bit of sophistication. We leaned heavily on the amazing Instagram imagery curated by Faith Mari and positioned it front and center as a dynamic culmination of what farm-to-fork really looks like," said Honey Agency Co-Founder Rebecca Plumb.

 Position Interactive worked to ensure that offers a seamless and optimized user experience on smart phones and tablets, as well as the traditional desktop.

 "The analytics told us that people were equally likely to access the website in the middle of a field, as they were at the comfort of their desk. We took this to heart and crafted a seamless experience across all devices," said Position Interactive President Ali Zamanian.

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About the Farm-to-Fork Program

The Sacramento region's Farm-to-Fork Program serves as a year-round platform to highlight the farms, restaurants, organizations and individuals that contribute to the local culinary and agricultural landscapes. Housed within the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Farm-to-Fork Program is a year-round endeavor and collaborative process with the area's farmers and growers, chefs and restaurants, regional elected officials and the people and organizations who are dedicated to the region's collective food system. More information can be found at


About Honey Agency

Honey Agency is a boutique creative company specializing in brand building, design, web development, & social media in the wine, food & lifestyle industries. Founded by Meghan Phillips and Rebecca Plumb in 2008 in Sacramento, California, we bring service-driven design, marketing and digital technologies to businesses big and small. The two queen bees launched the agency with only their pooled knowledge, laptops & Virgo personalities pushing them through long days in coffee shops. Meghan's marketing expertise and Rebecca's graphic design background collided with their love of food, coffee and wine to form a niche for the agency. They've since expanded the team of experts and what began as a small, (highly caffeinated) dynamic duo has blossomed into a busy hive.


About Position Interactive

Position Interactive is a design and digital studio located in the heart of downtown Sacramento. Founded by Ali Zamanian in 2010, our integrated team of designers and developers have built long term partnerships with our clients and have a proven track record of executing successful projects across print, web, and mobile.