SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- In addition to its fascinating Gold Rush past, the Sacramento area is rich with an amazing array of state-of-the-art museums and historic sites that offer visitors the chance to explore California's fine art, history, science, and wildlife treasures all year long. And with spring just around the corner, many of the 28 members of Sacramento Association of Museums (SAM) are proud to showcase a variety of fresh, spring-related events and activities in March, including:

"Bloomin' Crazy Plant Fest" at The Sacramento Zoo - March 3
For one-day only from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., visitors to the Sacramento Zoo will have the unique opportunity to visit with local gardening clubs and plant experts who will share information about the significant plant collection on-site at the Sacramento Zoo. Guests will learn about gardening tips from local experts and possibly get inspired to start spring gardens of their own! For more, visit

Special Farmer Thaddeus Barsotti at the Sacramento Children's Museum - March 3
Special guest Farmer Thaddeus will delight children and families visiting the Sacramento Children's Museum with a "Happy Heart, Healthy Eating" talk at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., when he will explain how food grows, the different growing seasons, and what is currently in season, too. Farmer Thaddeus and his two brothers are the owners of a 300-acre organic local farm that grows 85 varieties of fruits and vegetables. For more, visit

Fairytale Town Goes Green - March 10
Fairytale Town Goes Green with special exhibits, displays and activities on ecology and the environment that show how little changes make a big difference. Visitors can participate in fun hands-on activities that focus on creating art from recycled materials. And, PuppetArt Theater will even perform a conservation-based version of the puppet show, The Three Little Pigs. Plus, eco-friendly cars will be on exhibit to showcase the latest technology in fuel-efficiency. For more, visit

Early Bloom in the Rose Garden at the Sacramento Old City Cemetery - March 31
Roses are in bloom at the Sacramento Old City Cemetery in spring! Guests are invited to join Historic Rose Garden Manager Anita Clevenger for a free tour of the historic roses in a beautiful outdoor setting filled with the romantic scent of old roses. For more, visit

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